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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Local Press Taking Pictures @ The Gallery!


You know when something is doing its job when the local press turn up to photograph it. Apparently the Purbeck Gazette has had some emails about it. What am I talking about? The two new sculptures in my windows at the gallery.
They aren't even that controversial but it has got people talking. You've seen Red Tape Man before as I have used him in my blog and he is also on the gallery Facebook page. I think it is the bondage aspect that people are subconsciously bringing to it. If they started to actually think a little harder they would realise that they actually agree with the whole concept. Are we not slaves to bureaucracy? Bound by pointless rules and regulations? I think you will find the answer is yes. Let us not get started about form filling.

So keep an eye out because clothed mannequins are apparently more newsworthy than the naked ones that regularly appear in shop front windows. Long live 'Contemptuous Art'!

In other news I have published my website for the studio as I still have a bit more work to do I am not going to give you the link today but maybe tomorrow. I am very over it, I really cannot stand looking at it anymore. But this is just one of the glorious perks of owning your own business and not paying other people to do the work.

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