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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Dream That Came True......Eventually

Call To Prayer
Josh Hollingshead

It is exciting to see new work in the newly pristine gallery. Josh Hollingshead has arrived and we will be hanging it tomorrow. If you didn't manage to get to see his earlier show then do come and see this one. I know that it is unusual to show the same person so quickly but I am seizing the opportunity to exhibit the work that has achieved national acclaim. I really don't think that it will be long before he is seen else where.

In other news, I might have mentioned once or twice that I have an exhibition in a months time. Well it dawned on me that whilst my current work is very well represented my retro stuff is a little thin on the ground. I have been in the attic and it wasn't there.
I managed to track it down in the most logical place, my studio at home. Carefully boxed up my whole art history. You will be able to see it in all of its glory.
I have a little story that you might find interesting.

When I was 24 I was asked to be part of a limited edition publication about Higher Education. They wrote a profile, took a picture and asked me questions. It was to encourage students from diverse backgrounds to consider degrees etc. I found it in the loft, now it all should make sense.
Anyway, this is what I said 'I plan to set up a printmaking and papermaking studio in Northampton and continue to produce my work. I am also quite interested in teaching so that might be an option'.
So I said that nearly twenty years ago now. I was right about the teaching bit I did that first, but I now have the studio I'd dreamt of with a gallery thrown in for good measure. The bit that concerns me most is that I thought I'd do it all in Northampton! Never! I moved down south aged 25.

I am off to see a local bookbinder tomorrow, I am hoping that he can bind the book that I have been meaning to bind myself for a year or so.
I also have had a few more ideas that he could help me with, because I have all the money in the world obviously.

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