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Monday, 21 January 2013

Some Really Good Things Happening In 2013

My Favourite Painting in The Tate

So much has happened since I last wrote my blog that I can't actually remember it all. Here are the edited/remembered highlights.

  • Studio is finished
  • Gallery is very nearly finished
  • Windows are clean
  • Office is finished
  • Website very nearly finished
  • My own website (nowhere near finished)
  • Stuff for my own exhibition (nowhere near finished)
  • Stuff for Josh Hollingsheads exhibition finished
  • Cultural Fix - @ Tate Modern finished
  • Dead Stuff Fix - @ Natural History Museum finished
  • List of things to do (nowhere near finished)
  • Updating my diary kinda finished
  • Sculptures in the windows at the gallery not finished
There you have most of it but there are a few things that are not so easily categorised. I got a lovely letter this morning from Sheila Girling and she informed me that Tony will put a piece in for my drawing exhibition. How good is that?

Josh Hollingshead has had some great free publicity which in turn means great publicity for the gallery. Click on the link to see it for yourself.

I have said it before and I'll say it again people are starting to notice Mr Hollingshead and he is destined for great things.

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