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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Now Booking For 2014!

Is it wrong that I am envious of all the people who have been featured in the Advertisers '10 minutes with' section?
For those of you who aren't local to Swanage this is a column that focuses on local people who are interesting (or not) depending on who you are.
Well, this is not my ego but I think that I am quite interesting and I live and work locally. Maybe the truth is that I am a little too interesting. I like to think like that.

The work at the gallery is progressing well, I have finished all the white and I need to go and get the black tomorrow so that I can get the last bits finished.
Then I will be installing some sculptures in the windows to fill the spaces until the next exhibition.

I have two bookings to confirm for 2014 and that makes me very happy indeed to get bookings for next year in January.
If you are thinking about hiring the gallery then you need to think about possible dates and get in touch the prime slots are going to fill up fast.

You may find yourself reading my blog on another provider as I may be moving to Wordpress. I will be exploring it today and I'll get back to you.
Have a good day!

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