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Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy 2013 May You Be Creative and Prosperous!

Fire and Ice

Happy 2013 everybody! I hope that you all had a really fantastic Christmas. I spent the holidays swimming with turtles in Egypt. They are so graceful considering their size and if ever there was animal that exuded peace they surely are fairly high on the list.

Gallery news, the Purbeck Collective Winter exhibition has ended and I would like to thank them for putting on such an interesting exhibition. It was great to have such a diverse mix in there.

I am gearing up to do the great fill, sand and repaint the walls at the gallery. Each exhibition takes it's toll and the craters that are created can only be hidden by work for so long. I have also downsized the studio so that I can run bigger classes in there. You will need to keep an eye out as I will be relaunching the studio as it's own entity in the next month. You will be able to book workshops online and pay for them. So there will be much sweating and swearing as I design yet another website.

I am in talks with a really great artist about the possibility of showing with me later on in the year. I will let you know how that pans out.

I will keep you updated about the developments at the gallery via this blog and the gallery Facebook page. Please keep reading and thank you for reading in 2012.
Picture in todays blog is one of my new drawings, hope that you like it!

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