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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Checkout My Windows!

A little sexist I know but it's the sentiment that I am connecting with. I really like to think that this is how it is.
A very productive day for me. The many unfinished things that I regaled you with yesterday are now complete. Phew! That did mean putting in some serious hours. 

I don't know how I managed to no mention the fact that I spent the afternoon with the extremely talented artist Debbie Lee. I was supposed to help her select work for her exhibition. I may have actually failed.
There is nothing more inspirational than going through an artists work alongside them. It can really transport to another place. Especially when the work you are looking at is based heavily on fairy tales and children's art.
I love it and I hope that you will too.

Debbie Lee
To say I had a really good afternoon would be an understatement. I am so accustomed to working on my own that it is a breath of fresh air to get someone else's input. I had Shirley come and give me a hand staging some photographs for my website. We had a good laugh and I am hoping that we got some really good pictures of the studio and of the processes that I teach.
The website is very nearly done so there is not much to do only the most important thing which is the booking and paying page. It's the most difficult and as I am a true procrastinator I have left it until last.

Working from home tomorrow and I bet you cannot guess what I will be doing?

Robin Beusche'rs sculptures are now installed at the gallery so please check out my windows!

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