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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Last Four Days of Josh Hollingshead at The Gallery

Nascent Storm - Josh Hollingshead

You may well ask where I have been but I have just been here. Very, very busy but just here. It is amazing how much is involved in organising your own exhibition. I know I moan about artists arriving at the gallery without having strung their work. Or added anything like a hanging device, some even have yet to mount the work in frames.

I like to think of myself as fairly organised but it is a whole different matter when you are trying to run a business, have a life and sort your entire creative past and present out.  Apparently that takes quite a lot of doing. I am not sure how much longer I can be a one woman show. There is just so much to remember and no matter how many lists I write you can pretty much guarantee that there will be an omission somewhere along the line. Not to mention a typo or two.

I do try and do all gallery admin before I come to the gallery as I know how much I struggle with constant interruptions. I advertise shows that are going to be on for an entire year, or that end before they have started.
To this end I have called on Shirley to proof read all of my paper/web work before I send it out into the world. I am am very lucky because she has kindly agreed to do this for me.
It is a positive sign that things are getting busier at the gallery now I just need that to be reflected in my bank balance thank you very much.

You have just FOUR more days to catch the current exhibition 'Josh Hollingshead - Revisited'. You really should see it as it will not be long before he is whisked away from the local art scene and the big cities will be exhibiting left, right and centre.

I have some fantastic new books at the gallery I found an amazing book shop that really had a good selection of art books and they all cost £2 each. I bought around £200 worth for £22.  I cannot resist a bargain.

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