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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day Two in The Big Brother Gallery!

Apparently when you have a Launch Party it is obligatory to find the remnants of alcohol spills up to three days after the event. Thank God for antibacterial wipes, I've been scrubbing red wine ring marks of every conceivable surface and a few cupcake marks were thrown into the mix for good measure. But other than that there have been no nasty things waiting for me to discover. It was fairly quiet  this morning so I did my first bit of one to one tuition with my friend Lisa (In Picture Above). I taught her how to do a drypoint and she did some great prints which I will take pictures of tomorrow. So the workshop/studio has been christened and it felt good.
From a quiet morning a busy afternoon came, I had lots of lovely visitors and they were all full of compliments and were very interested in the workshops that I intend to run. I'm going to have to talk to Neil @ Deshok as I think I need people to know to read the blog for up to the minute information on workshops etc as this gets updated daily.
I think I am going to have to censor myself far more severely than before as I know that more people are reading and more importantly the community that I live in, are picking up their mice (is that the correct plural for a computer mouse?) and clicking on my blog. So welcome to you all.
There are a few funny things that have happened, I have been verbally abused on my own doorstep for failing to send and I quote 'The biggest art buyer in Swanage an invite to the Launch Party'. I have been invited to a complete strangers home to look at his work. To name but a few.
But the most important thing that I need to tell you is that I GOT PAID for the two of the four pieces of art I sold on Saturday. Wooohoooo!! Thank you ladies for your prompt payment and your impeccable taste in art.
BT are sending an engineer on Thursday who I will try really hard to be civil to as a year later I am having them try to rectify a 13 month old problem. Wish be bucketfuls of luck I'm going to need them.
Murray my official and unofficial photographer showed me the pictures of Saturday evening, they look really good. I will try and upload them tomorrow. Try being the operative word.
Day of rest tomorrow so admin at home it is.

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