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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Oh Yes I Did!!

Because life is meant to be interesting, I think that must be why ten minute jobs mutate into hours worth of hard labour. Anyone else out there experience this? If there is one person who shakes his/her head and says no that never happens to me....you should find out exactly why/how and sell your secret for all the money in the world. (Can I be your agent please?).
Today was a little like that for me. I hit the ground running and was at the gallery nice and early. It was all pristine and lovely. I decided on Sunday evening that I wanted to give everyone who attends a goody something. It's going to be an envelope. I thought I'd run off a print, photograph it and get it printed. I perceived that would take about an hour. So two hours later I had finally achieved something I was happy with. Then began the 'To Do List'. Regular readers will know that I am a huge fan of these, well this week has warranted one written at home, one written at the gallery and one written on my phone. They don't necessarily have the same things on which also makes it all interesting. I worked my way down, mostly it was paint that little bit in the window, then that bit on the door etc. Very dull. My aim was to be back at home by two o'clock. That ship well and truly sailed. I have to tell you the genius thing that I did today.
I had to touch up the studio floor as it had been badly abused by me, Matt and well just me and Matt really. It was scuffed and scarred and looking a little worse for wear. So I moved all my stuff from the office to the gallery, carefully making sure or so I thought that I'd got everything. Then started painting, took me about one hour, I was just getting ready to leave when I spy my keys halfway on a table in the studio. I spend minutes deliberating how I'm going to cross the floor without spoiling my new paint. Luckily I was just touching up so decided it was best if I did it in my socks because if I put my shoes on straight away all the paint would be straight in my shoes. Clever I thought...... It worked out just fine. Until I realised that the light was on at the other side of the room and I'd already put my shoes back on. Doh!!! I did the sock thing again and I'm guessing that when I take my shoes off the socks may well be stuck to the inside.
So then to the video, all done and looking good, my broadband is currently working 580 meg which means that if I want to upload a video, a new technology would have been invented to do it by the time I actually managed to upload it my blog. Apologies for that when I have a bit more time I will phone Mumbai and see if they can help me with my problem back in Swanage. Brilliant!!!
One more day to go and I have got to get off this laptop and get cooking.

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