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Friday, 7 January 2011

V is for Visitors

I went from nought to ninety today and I didn't spare the horses. I had my first full(ish) day at the gallery since the dark times which I will cease to talk about. I have to say it was positively balmy down there, I stripped down to a mere three layers. First time since the beginning of November. What was nice was I just pottered and didn't really do anything in particular just got lots of little jobs done.
I had the pleasure of lots of visitors today which was really nice as I feel like I've been a bit of a recluse. Firstly, my friend and artist Maria came and spent the morning with me. She had to do a little bit of touching up as a couple of her paintings had got a bit grubby through transportation etc. Her entire family then descended on us, parents, uncles and aunts. It was lovely to have company. Then Matt the man that can came to look at the new front doors which he has to hang.
I have a sneaking suspicion that he has gone all hardcore security on my ass. He made me buy a plethora of locking devices and I am going to have a set of keys that would make Vineagar Tits envious. (That was a bit of Prisoner Cell Block H humour incase you were wondering). My gallery is going to be impervious which has to be a good thing.
So he left then K, Pea, text and said they were on their way and they bought even more people with them. It was great to catch up with everyone. I am getting such lovely feedback from everyone about the gallery. I just hope the public at large love it too.
My glass fusing kiln has arrived! It's sat in the spare room at the moment, can't wait to get it set up. Every day I get the lovely packages all for the gallery. I have redirected my shopaholic tendencies into only spending money on the gallery. It's just as well as there really isn't any money left to spend on anything else.
I may steal away to the gallery at some point this weekend and put a cheeky coat of paint on my doors before they are hung.
I thought you might also like to know that my car is officially fixed. There was a tiny hole in the tyre which has now been patched. I was really pleased when Claire from Swanage Tyres rang me to tell me it was going to cost me the princely sum of £12.50. Thanks very much for that. On that note, have a great weekend.

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