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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Here Comes The Rain Again...........

I'm sitting here watching the rain hit the window knowing that there are things that need to be done. There is always a but.......my car has still got a flat tyre. The grease monkeys who put my new tyre on many moons ago tightened the wheel nuts to a degree that they could only be loosened by a junkie high on crystal meth. Everyone has had a go men and women and no one has managed to loosen my nuts. There is a point to this story. I am waiting for Swanage Tyres to come and rectify the problem. I'm guessing the torrential rain is the reason I am still waiting. I have no desire to get soaked as I am just getting over the horrendous 'just for the holidays' illness. So the wait will continue and I will just worry about the things that I should be doing.
The good news is that my Hotmail is working today! Hooray!!!! In just one day I had amassed 75 emails which once I deleted all the Spam, I whittled down to just 10. Of course there was an email in there that needed replying to yesterday. That is the nature of email.
I am just going to grin and bear it today. Make some wishes about getting the rain to stop and the tyre people to come and fix my car. Feel free to add a few wishes of your own, I have no power to grant them but the more the merrier.
On a gallery note I have bought a relief press today so that I will be able to teach lino and relief print. I just need to get down there and get making. To some of you, that will mean something and to everyone else I apologise.
My current mantra is 'Patience is a virtue'. How I love waiting.

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