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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Put Your Hands Up!

Hands up, if you lie awake worrying instead of sleeping?
Hands up, if you put off until tomorrow something which should have been done last week?
Hands up, if you have convinced yourself that you work well under pressure so leave everything to the last minute?
Hands up, if you just put your hands up?
If you put your hands up or answered yes to any of the above questions you have already passed the screening test for my new club. P.A.W.A = Procrastinators and Worriers Anonymous. Your membership cards will be put in the post as soon as you can be bothered to send me your address, after you've lain awake thinking that you really should do that but will get round to it next week at some point.
But as I've got a gallery to open I may not get round to sending them out for a while. If at all, we may well have to just rely on a secret handshake.
Hands up, if your palms get sweaty at the thought of shaking someones hand?
I'm just kidding of course. It may surprise you to know that I lie awake wondering what I'm going to write in my blog. I've mentioned before that it is quite a big responsibility as I want to make sure that I write something that is remotely entertaining. I've had over 5,000 page views so I must be doing something right as people keep coming back.
So I have news, hence the early blog. For some of you this will mean something for the rest of you just bask in my glory. My first booking for gallery hire is going to be for Jim Hunter he runs the Art Department at the Arts University College. He interviewed me for a job once and told me I should stick with teaching as opposed to becoming a technician. Thanks Jim you were right. So why is this a big deal?, he's the featured artist for the Purbeck Arts Week and he is very influential in the whole art scene in the South. I get to be involved without spending £200 and the publicity will be priceless. Yay for me!!
I'm really pleased as this came to me as a result of the advert in my local paper.
Posting invites and a little painting for me today so I best stop writing my blog and get in the shower. I'll be back later if I have any news to add.

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