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Friday, 21 January 2011

Well I've Spent Four Months Becoming A Gallery Owner Now I Am!

I said to Matt earlier that you would be lucky if you got a blog out of me today. I worked for twelve hours straight today. But I'm glad to say that the gallery is finished, a few eleventh hour disasters but we snatched them out of the jaws of doom.
I am paranoid that far too many people are coming tomorrow. The word of mouth invites that I have done are getting scary high. I have never bought so much booze ever in one week, not even when I was a student. Tomorrow I'll be making nibbles and washing my hair in that order. I am tired and I am struggling to type this as I have spent several hours on the computer already today.
Tomorrow I will be a gallery owner but I will continue to keep you updated. This is far from the end it is just the beginning!
I have to say there will be no blog tomorrow for obvious reasons! But I will upload pictures if my less than perfect broadband lets me, on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

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