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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Saw Dust and Wanted To Clean it Up Immediately!

This Looks Very Familiar

For those of you who know me I'm guessing you would say that I am quite a sociable person. I would say that it is true. Of late I seem to have been embracing my inner introvert. I am telling you this because I am at the stage that I should be embracing my outer extrovert and networking up a storm. I am not sure why there has been this perverse turn around but I know it is something that I have to remedy asap. It is just wrong that I can't be bothered, I blame the dark times of being ill in bed at the most sociable time of the year.
I picked up my invites this morning and I have done a very poor job of getting them out there. I may do it under cover of darkness through peoples letterboxes. This is to avoid the inevitable social interaction that takes place. Or I might grow a pair and stop whingeing and just get on with  it.
I was greeted at the gallery with a ton of sawdust and dust and a door. Just the one but it was mine and it was nicer than the old one. I have to say that it did not fill me with joy (well it kind of did actually) the prospect of clearing up the huge amount of mess that was being created. But it did mean that my new doors would finally be fitted.
I've mentioned before about my OCD tendencies and my need to clean, well today tested my resolve big time. I was itching to get the hoover out and Matt merely laughed at me and promptly made some more mess. It's a good job that I have sense of humour and some self control. I had to stay in the office as I couldn't actually stand it.
I have good news, I think I have my first booking for hiring out the gallery space. It's a big deal too. I can't say too much right now but it is exactly the kind of thing that will put me well and truly on everybody's radar. I should find out it in a couple of days so I will let you know.
There are some things that I have yet to fine tune, one of them is answering the phone at the gallery. Hello is not sufficient I have to get into the habit of saying L'Artishe Gallery and Studio in a perky and smily voice. The second one is bigging (sic) myself/gallery up, I am fairly good at self promotion providing I can do it through the medium of writing no problem, ask me to verbalise it and I have one eye fixed firmly on the exit or my watch. I HATE it and at the moment it's all about the bigging myself up. I am going to work on that.
There are some things that you just don't need try hard at and there's others that you just have grit your teeth and try really bloody hard.
I'm at home tomorrow waiting for my relief press to be delivered, then it's out delivering my invites.

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