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Monday, 9 January 2012

Bloggus Interruptus

I hope that you all had a good weekend! I did, crammed lots of socializing in and even managed to make my garden look less like it belonged on a housing estate. I don't know whether it is because it's on the road that used to go to the dump or the road that leads to a massive caravan site but fly tipping is live and well and living in my garden.
Not anymore, it is looking very tidy and now I am plotting what I intend to grow next year. The truth is I need to grow a few additional hours on to each day if I am going to do my garden justice this year. I am hoping that Shirley will come to the rescue so that I can spend a little more time there.
I have produced my first prints of 2012 this morning and I am very pleased with them. I thought I had better do some of my own work as I intend show them at the anniversary exhibition. I may well do some in colour too. I should explain that they were embossed images so no colour whatsoever on them.
I have had an incredibly busy day as my phone has not stopped ringing and I've sent 15+ emails.  Maybe my phone would stop ringing if I answered it. Just kidding.
I have updated my website and and phone site and I will shortly be revamping my blog. So I envisage another few days in front of the computer.
If it wasn't enough that the saga of 'The Black Cat' is still rumbling on, Barney my fat cat that is on a diet is depressed. I think he had been comfort eating as a result of the bullying. If you have seen Shrek you will know Puss In Boots. Barney is ginger and does the whole eyes thing every time I go in the kitchen. He jumps up in anticipation of food and I then proceed to give him 25g of diet biscuits. It is truly tough love.
I am going to end with a question. Do you decorate in sock, shoes or trainers? Or do you have a designated pair of shoes?
My last blog raised lots of questions about the correct decorating attire. Please let me know what is your preference.

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