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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Happy 'Fly Suicide Day!'

Note to self 1: When wearing two pairs of jeans because you are decorating outside do not under any circumstances underestimate how long it will take to undo them with cold hands when in desperate need of a wee.
Note to self 2: Wearing your iPod does not stop people talking to you and asking inane questions.
Note to self 3: Just because I am up a ladder does not mean that I am confident enough to paint and talk at the same time. This is NOT something I am comfortable with.
I hope that my having test driven this saves you the white knuckle ride that is the trouser/toilet emergency.
I think  that Tuesday 17th January should now be known as 'Fly Suicide Day'. I think you already know how I have spent my day. I have been reveling in the glory of gloss painting. Before you ask, no I do not want to come round and do yours for you, neither do I think I missed a bit.
The flies were desperate to test my wet paint for me, it ultimately resulted in their untimely deaths. I grieve for them as I would never knowingly kill anything other than wasps. I'm not soft enough to be a vegetarian, but suffice to say if I had to kill it myself you could sign me up right now to the Linda McCartney Fan Club.
I should also add at this point that since I discovered how important the role of wasps to our very existence I reluctantly will despatch them to wasp heaven but only if it's a case of them or me. (Incidentally happens to be the case more often than not).
So I have achieved the majority of the front of house painting with only the hard to reach places still need touching up. Isn't that always the way.
Now it's time for a rant. Dulux Once paint is RUBBISH! It has turned a nicotine yellow in the space of one year, and this may come as some surprise to you but you cannot smoke in the gallery. What a big fat con! I will not be buying that over priced crap ever again.
Rant over!
Just would like to remind you that the gallery reopening is happening on Saturday 28th January at 6.00 till late. Come and help me celebrate my first year of trading.

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