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Thursday, 12 January 2012

I Have Smurf Fingers!

I love the smell of white spirit and ink in the morning? I have spent another day making prints as that's what I do. I am happyish with the outcomes. I don't know if any of you are like this but I do work then have to hide it away from myself as my instant reaction is that I do not like it. So I'll look at them again next week and see what I think.
I think it is ironic that I am a printmaker as I really hate mess and printmaking has to be one of the messiest mediums to work in. Admittedly, if I was to follow correct practice I would wear latex gloves to stop the deep staining that takes place when you don't. But I hate sweating inside latex gloves and it adds a layer of detachment that I don't enjoy. So I will sport my Smurf coloured fingers with pride.
I am now counting down the hours until I shut the gallery for two weeks. I cannot wait to get stuck in and get it all tarted up. The question is do I buy a new step ladder? Know I need one but also hate getting up them. But in order to do the redecorating I think I need to get some.
I ordered the mother load of books this week. I have probably mentioned that I am an avid reader. If you are too then you should definitely check out the Book People Sale. It's really good. I bought 50+ books for £25. I am now stocked up for the best part of the year.
Other news is that we are holding another Bizarre Bazaar in February and if you would like to be part of it them let me know as we need to get some idea of numbers.
I have got so much work to do that involves being sat in front of the computer that I could almost cry. Give me smurf fingers over that any day of the week. It's crucial that I crack on and get it done though as my future income depends on it.

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