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Friday, 6 January 2012

Cat Fights and Late Nights

My favourite spelling mistake has to be when I sign off emails 'Shaton'. Every time I do it I am tempted to leave it. I could add location, 'from a Great Height'.
Youth speak would have me declare today an 'epic fail'. I had all the ideas of sanding down my paint work outside getting it ready for a new coat of paint. I have been sat in front of this computer solidly bar two toilet breaks since 11.30.
Admittedly I have achieved quite a lot but it just wasn't the kind of work I felt like doing today!
I did however spend a pleasant hour with Jan Dagley today, we are trying to come up with a new name for  our collaborative workshops. The one that made me laugh the most was Artiarse. Apparently,  the domain is free. In another lifetime I would so have chosen this. Good job that I have grown up just a little bit.
I'm tired today as the saga of the black cat drags on into it's 10th day. I haven't told you about it but to cut a long story short, my three cats are being bullied by a big black cat. He waits for them outside the catflap ready to pounce. He has wounded two of them badly enough to warrant a vets visit tomorrow morning. I am a cat lover but I would quite happily give this big bruiser tom a swift kick up his artiarse! Do you see what I did there?
I have sorted the writing for my windows at the gallery. It will be put on in the next couple of weeks. The thing that I need to do most is paint.
Maybe tomorrow if the weather holds and the rain doesn't come bucketing it down I'll get to what I thought I'd be doing today.
Where would I be without the Internet? I cannot actually envisage life without it. Since writing this I have sent two emails just because I remembered that I needed to.
Slightly busier at the gallery today, and I mean slightly. Let's hope that it's sunny tomorrow and that people are fed up with the January sales and fancy some fresh air and a bit of culture and go to Brighton. Just kidding, and come to Swanage.
Have a great weekend whatever you have got planned.

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