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Monday, 30 January 2012

Happiest Monday Of The Year So Far......I'm Not So Sure

When is a car not a car? When it doesn't start and I have to walk to work in the rain. Is this really the happiest Monday of the year? I beg to differ.
So 375 blogs down how many more to go I wonder? I'm sure you can imagine how crazy hectic Saturday was, hence no blog. The first anniversary party went really well. Lots of people and plenty of very nice comments about the gallery refurbishment. I told you how it was going to be the first time anyone had seen my new work. Well it was a little nerve wracking but everyone said they loved it. They could have been being polite so I'll wait to hear what the public at large have to say.
Remember many moons ago I mentioned my neighbour who wouldn't let me open my windows? Well she's gone and apparently now I'm not allowed to make noise after 9.30pm on a Saturday night. It would seem that I am destined to have annoying neighbours.
I have just written to Tracey Emin to ask her a favour. What do you reckon my chances are? You have to be in it to win it. I know that she is a huge supporter of good causes and I'm a very good cause, well at least I think I am.
It is the first of many letters I intend to write to a whole variety of artists. I'm going to see how many people I can get to work with me in the next few years.
It is a fantastic show at the gallery, my friends have done me proud it would be lovely if it got plenty of visitors so do pop in if you can.
I am hoping that tomorrow will see me being way more active than today as I just feel totally exhausted. It's the price you pay for working four 12 hour days in a row. I feel another holiday calling my name. At least this week I might actually get a day off.

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