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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Who Says Rudolph Is Just For Christmas?

I don't know quite how I've managed it but I am on cold number 3 for this unseasonably warm winter. Really not happy about it as I need to concentrate and my tap like nose is a constant distraction.
I have got all the good stuff ordered for the gallery revamp it is really quite exciting. I am quite looking forward to whiting out the windows and getting on and dealing with it. I have said it before but 2012 is really the time to shine. Especially as I'm cranking up the amount of light that there will be at the gallery. No more comments about how it looks closed I hope.
I have been over the road to Sansom to talk to Chris about my framing, I think he can do what I want. I am probably going to put about 8 pieces in this anniversary show. So you should come and see it even if it's just to be nosy about my new work. It is all brand new and has never been seen anywhere before. Literally, hot off the printing press.
If you have seen my old work be warned it is quite a departure from that.
After the relative busyness of yesterday, today is very quiet. Probably a good thing as my ability to string a coherent sentence together is probably about -5 on the sneezing scale. I have sneezed in excess of 100 times today. I kid you not.
Who says Rudolph is just for Christmas? I'm doing a stellar impersonation of him right now and we are well into January.
For all of you out there who are suffering from horrible colds, flu or the dreaded stomach bug I wish you all a very speedy recovery and I hope that you have a really healthy 2012.
I'm off to rouge up my nose a bit more with rough toilet paper! All of you who are full of cold know exactly what I mean.

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