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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Don't Leaf Me This Way!

Yes, it is a leaf!

Today could not be anymore about the gallery if it tried. I have spent all day so far organising all aspects of my gallery existence. I know you think that I do this all too often but the truth is that I need to address my storage solution in some practical way. I need to be able to store my work and other peoples safely and securely. Not the shove and bung (after encasing it lovingly in two inches of thick bubble wrap) solution that I currently have.
I keep looking up in the studio and I see all this space that is not being used in any meaningful way. I feel some gallery improvements coming along in January. I need a storage rack for paintings. I am going to design my own as having looked at the price of them I would need to sell the gallery in order to pay for them.
Considering it is dry, town seems quiet today. I like it when it is busy, although I do have to moderate the volume of my music when people come in. It is designed to motivate me not necessarily suitable for art browsing.
Fully booked up for half term week with workshops but will be able to make an escape for a few days to Falmouth. I've never been, I'm going to get the tour of the art school. Should be good.
Starting to make real head way in the preparations for my exhibition. It is going to be a little crazy but that means it will be a true reflection of myself. If you are planning on coming then be prepared to be amused.

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