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Thursday, 25 October 2012

One Month Off.......Being Fully Booked in 2013

Do you ever have days when you are shocked by your own genius? Me neither. Well if I tone it down a bit and ask do you ever have days when you realise that your being forward thinking and speculative can reap rewards? I can now change the answer to 'yes'.
I have now booked the end of November for next year. That means that  I now have just got to get a booking for December and that will be that. A WHOLE YEAR BOOKED UP!
It warranted capital letters, I don't use them often so I know you will forgive me.
I do not know how the time flies. I have been updating my gallery Facebook page very regularly but forsaking my blog. I think it's because you get instant feedback.
All that instant gratification that we are used in the noughties. How could I stoop so low?
Today it was all about seeing how much blood could be shed at the gallery. I had to crack open the First Aid kit twice. I was teaching linocut and even though my mantra was 'keep your hand behind the blade' they both managed to leave with plasters.
They are young they'll heal quickly.
Only a few more days left for you to come and admire the beautiful textiles exhibition. I will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Then I will be closed for the weekend.

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