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Monday, 22 October 2012

Imagine What You Can Do!

Story of my life!

Well, no I haven't been. That's why there has been no blog. I have had the weekend off as my sinuses thought they would revolt! They were indeed revolting!
Better now, so I hope that you had a good weekend. The textile show continues to draw the crowds, it seems to be making textile fans out of people who did not even realise that they liked textiles.
You have exactly 10 more days to come and see it for yourself! Don't let the general sogginess of the weather put you off. You will not be disappointed.
Got another booking for the gallery today for next year so that means that I only have a couple of slots left. How exciting!
How nice it is to teach someone who as full of ideas as I am! It's scary, but my mind just keeps thinking of possibilities. Sometimes, I have too shut up because the poor person on the receiving end is in danger of being overloaded with more and more 'out there' ideas.
I can't imagine not having an imagination. Is that a paradoxical question?
Having said that I bet those who unfortunate enough to lack imagination generally sleep much better than I do.
I'm off again, there's banking to be done!

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