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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Five New Pieces On Show

Jane Colquhoun

I came in early today as we had to replace the work that sold yesterday. I have been red dotting like a lunatic as I think that it is important for people to know that the work is replacing the work that has already sold. So thanks to Yvonne Morton for driving all that way to bring me replacements in this awful weather. Luckily, I had some spares for Trisha Forshaw.
The price list is amended, and if you have already seen the show and enjoyed it then do consider the fact that there are now five new pieces on exhibit as of today.
I am happy to report that the weather is not keeping people away, I think that it is a safe haven from the afore mentioned weather. Textile enthusiasts are also spreading the word among themselves and that is good news. New faces in the gallery who previously did not know that existed.
I set myself all sorts of creative targets for myself today but I cannot seem to get myself motivated. I have done one thing and then I sought comfort from writing my blog.
I  am going to start marking out my pages for sewing together. That will keep me occupied for the next three hours.

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