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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I promised not to complain and so I'm not going to. Suffice to say that I spent the day doing something that I have grown to loathe. I'm going to leave it up to you to work out what that thing is.
I didn't get around to making my plinth as I nearly broke my thumb (luckily on my left hand) this morning. Gripping and prising things apart is out of the question. I sustained the afore mentioned injury trying to put my new bike together. I love it, but I dislike it at the moment. It's a bit like that family member that we all have, you know you have to love them because they're blood but.......
My battle with the electricity bored (sic) rumbles on. I have now had to write to the Ombudsman. Explaining the immoral behaviour of a particular supplier. I now have to wait up to twenty days for response. All the while I'm on the highest possible tariff. Thanks for that.
I am writing this from at the gallery in an attempt to get all of my chores done before I head home. I have become a computer BORE. I spend far too long in front of one trying to sort out the numerous hiccups that keep occurring with virtually everything that I touch. I know you are all thinking lucky me.
I'm guessing that my goggle eyed computer usage is partly to blame for the headache that I've had for three days now. Combine that with the 'oh so sweet' smell of gloss and Robert is that annoying relative.
Ceiling tiles arrive tomorrow so that means I can look forward to working with my hands above my head for the entire day.
I think that the ceiling is going to go a long way to making the gallery more presentable to look at.
I have agreed with the Landlord not grant my evil stepneighbour her wish. We are not going to frost the window and we are not going to keep it shut. Let's just see if she manages to turn me into a frog.
Well, I allotted myself twenty minutes to write this and my time is now up. Until tomorrow......

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