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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Making Ideas Real

I've always been an ideas person. I have at least three or four a day that I am convinced are brilliant. This is probably (definitely) not the case. But I aspire to think outside the box and let my creativity flow. In theory this sounds great, but in practise it means that I want to do so many things that I cannot really do any of them as I am already fully invested in doing something else. I don't understand boredom (other than in the workplace if you're unlucky). I can potter from dawn 'til dusk and still not touch upon many of my ideas.  I am resolved to not let myself be seduced by the 32" temptress that lives in the lounge. So many hours are stolen from me, I say stolen because the seduction is so effective that I don't notice the thief of time stealing my precious hours.
I recently visited a friend who hasn't got a television and she is a domestic goddess and mother to three lovely toddlers. I felt positively slovenly, I come home from the gallery make dinner and switch on the silver screened devil and write my blog at some point. I now think if I invested even a portion of that time to developing one of my less outlandish ideas who knows what would happen.
I am going to do it and see what happens.
I have mentioned that I have a busy week at the gallery as it's time to tie up all the loose ends. Matt has got a few more chores. It'll be all hands on deck as we enter the final phase of renovation. I'll do another virtual tour tomorrow so you can the developments since the last time.

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