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Monday, 18 October 2010

Remember your a Womble!

Undercoat, overcoat painting is me! I did exactly what it said on the tin. I painted. That's all I'm going to say about that.
I have always been keen on the whole idea of recycling and I can't believe they haven't bought back The Wombles to help everyone of my generation to fully embrace the concept. I have had some kind donations of used but still useful equipment at the gallery. The drawers that I mentioned in my blog that I wrote earlier. I have also got an old Royal Mail letter sorting rack which I intend to use to store my printing ink in. Matt has made me a stable door out of a door that we had to replace with a fire door. He made new tops for my window plinths from leftover MDF that the previous owner left behind. It's safe to say that I am totally up for the whole recycling thing. Today, I was looking at the palettes that all my building supplies arrived on and I am convinced I can make something useful from them. Initially, I thought a cat house, bear with me my cats are currently squatting in the tortoise house and we live in dread that they might sit on Willy the tortoise. But I've had a rethink and I'm going to try and make a plinth out of them. That is my job for tomorrow.
I have also sent a strongly worded letter to my supposed electricity suppliers. I'm furious with them, it would seem that they only employ habitual liars. I cannot talk to them anymore. I have got to do some maths as it will involve measurements, I'm guessing that tomorrow will be a two coffee morning.
I feel that I can stop writing now as I already wrote a blog this morning. I will leave you with this fact. Thermal vests may not be sexy but they keep you warm!!

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