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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Make Mine A Double!

Later than I wanted but that's the way my life is. I am going to get my blog written. If you are a Facebook user you may have seen the Autism Quiz? Well I have often thought that I must be on the spectrum as I have taught many people that are and I can see the similarities. So the test was an absolute must for me and surprise, surprise I am probably on the tail end of the spectrum. I always thought as much. I arrived at the gallery this morning (late because I overslept) and the first thing Matt said to me was 'I'm more autistic than you'. I told him that I thought he probably was because I could see the traits. I'm sure that's why we get on because we would rather go to a museum than the theatre.
The picture on my blog is by my friend Maria's, it is a painting not a photograph. I'm very impressed. I mentioned before that she's going to have her own show at the gallery. I am looking forward to it.
At the gallery I now have a new fire door and with some instruction and guidance a new glass brick wall. I did the latter. I have only just finished picking off the Grip Fill from my fingertips. For those of you who remember your art classes, when you painted your hands with PVA glue then painstakingly tried to remove it in one piece.....You would love Grip Fill same experience with the added bonus of being fairly toxic and very capable of making your head a little fuzzy at the same time.
I have got to paint my new fire door tomorrow, well at least give it an undercoat. I'm still recovering from my whole 10 counties in two days experience.
I'm going to show you the print that I did on Saturday just so you can see it really. I don't think it's the best thing I've ever done but it's the thing I've actually done which at this stage is more important.

I'm going to rework the small skull using Drypopint, so it's intentionally pale. Anyway, I've managed to do at least 1/3 of what I want to show you. So better luck tomorrow when I get home at a reasonable time.

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