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Monday, 5 December 2011

3 Sales On A Monday! Lovely!

Cooler Than Cool, Ice Cold!

I am no longer contemplating! I am moving onwards and upwards, that being said I made two sales this morning in the first 20 minutes of being open. I told you that there is some great art to be had and people are already taking advantage of that, so why aren't you?
Excellent news, I wish every Monday morning started off like that. I would be a very happy gallery owner.
I know I mentioned before that I will be teaming up with Jan Dagley to deliver some printmaking and painting Master classes. We are trying to come up with a name to call it so we can maximize our internet presence.
We had a good brainstorm this morning and I now have a new list of things to do. How I love my lists.
Saturday was good, I'm not sure the amount of mulled wine I got through was indicative of how many people actually came through the door. I heard the word 'moreish' mentioned once or twice. I thought it was a bit blow your head off myself but then again I am not in the habit of drinking red wine mulled or not in the afternoon.
We have also raised £42 so far for the Langton Matravers Pre School rebuild fund. this was achieved by selling raffle tickets to win a limited edition Nativity Booklet that was beautifully made made by the very talented local printmaker Debbie Lee. Since I started to write this blog I have sold one of the booklets so lets call it £57 raised so far. I would like to raise a nice even amount so I guess we should aim for £100
I am starting to feel the cold at the gallery. I think the thermals may have to come out soon. Not bad considering this time last year they had already been on for a month by now.
I have got so much to think about right now I should keep my blog brief otherwise I am in danger of not getting everything finished that I need to by 5.00.

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