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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bizarre Bazaar This Saturday!

This Saturday in Swanage

Unfortunately, I have succumb to the dreaded lurghy and spent my day off in bed with only tissues and Lemsip for company. I had the occasional cat but they were not huge fans of the bed shaking sneezes that I kept doing. They eyed me with disdain before jumping off and settling down on a pile of clean washing. Brilliant!
I am feeling sort of better today, I don't feel well but I have been able to get myself to the gallery where I am waiting for my two new students. I was seriously thinking about canceling but I hate doing that as I am a professional. If I keep telling myself that then one day it will be the truth.
I am worried that it is a case of you feel not too bad when you get up and the more you do the worse you feel. I'm feeling considerably worse than I did earlier.
A few things I want to mention, firstly The Coop which is an artist co-op working out Bournemouth. They are based above The Winchester, are looking for an artist to fill a studio space. The rent is a very reasonable £52.00 ish all in. From what I hear the spaces are great and the people are very nice. So if you are interested let me know and I'll ass along the details.
Secondly, The Bizarre Bazaar is this weekend on Saturday. I willing myself well for them as I have goodies to sell. There is going to be some great stalls there, if you are looking for that unique under a £20 gift that is pure quality then you know where to go.
I hope to see you there.

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