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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Last Christmas I Gave You My Blog!

I have no particular reason for not writing a blog yesterday other than I was feeling particularly uninspired. So I saved you from that. Your welcome, I say that to your silent 'Thank You'.
It has been quiet at the gallery which is surprising because it's nearly Christmas. But if they don't come, they don't come.
I have survived the first of my group Christmas events. I did all the food, well nearly all and there's nothing like being in the kitchen to keep you sober. I'm very glad of it as I am surprisingly clear headed today and looking forward to my second Christmas event this evening. It is the Comedy Club event Ho! Ho! Ho! There's a big group of us going so it should be a good laugh. Then on Sunday I am officially on my holidays. So if you come to the gallery you will see my brilliant stand in Shirley, she's a legend. It's so nice being able to work with her again as she used to work with me in former profession. I think we are both agreed that working at the gallery is a far nicer way to spend the day.
I have written a not to myself to remember to mention that the gallery is now on TripAdvisor and if you have visited and have enjoyed it I would really appreciate it if you could start to rate me please. It's just another way of getting people through the door. I'm a member and I have to say that I use it fairly regularly to check up on places to stay etc. It's really good and fairly well balanced.
This will be my last blog now until after Christmas so I hope that you have a really good one and that you get to spend quality time with your family and friends. Don't get too stressed out with all the preparations, presents etc. Just remember it's really about having time off at the same time as everyone else and really enjoying that fact.
I'm going to be spending it on the beach and I cannot wait. I have never swum with the fishes on Christmas day so I am particularly looking forward to that. I also get to try out my new camera and give a turkey dinner a swerve. I don't like turkey.
I am also quite positive that my Egyptian Christmas Gala meal will be fairly dreadful so I have packed a suitcase full of munchies. They can do weather, sea and even hospitality but when it comes to food it's hit and miss and generally more miss than hit.
Merry Christmas everybody!!

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