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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Where's The Sun Then? Oh Yeah In Egypt!

Hello! I am back from my holiday and it was amazing. Swimming in the sea and sunbathing on Christmas Day may well have set a precedent for all of my future Christmases. I am already thinking about ensuring that I have a holiday booked for next year.
I hope that you have had a great festive season, I also hope that you got everything you wanted. I did. In the new year I am going to learn how to stone carve. It is something that I have wanted to try for some time and now I have the opportunity. I am going to be taught by the very talented stone carver Johnathan Sells. He is really good so let's just hope that I am a good student.
Feels weird to be back at work. I could definitely have had another week off as I am tired. It's all that doing nothing it wears you out.
Shirley did a sterling job in my absence and I came back to find everything much as I left it. Nice and tidy so a big thank you to Shirley for that. I really hope that in the new year I can get Shirley in on a more regular basis.
I did not think that it would be busy today and it would seem that I am being proved right. But I felt that I should open because that's what it said on the door.
I thought I should get straight out there and get my windows cleaned as they were really grubby but I only managed to get half done as some artist friends of mine came to visit. By the time they left it was raining. I'll have to finish them tomorrow.
A little reminder about the 1st Anniversary Show that starts on Saturday 28th January. It would be great if you could make it.
Going to get on and do some actual work.
I will be doing a round up of all the funniest trials and tribulations of being a gallery owner so keep an eye out for it!

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