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Monday, 12 December 2011

Create Yourselves A Very Merry Christmas!

Do I get to mention it just once more? I think I'm allowed. The Bizarre Bazaar was a success and I hope that we will be organizing more in the new year. If you are interested in getting involved let me know as it really is a case of the more the merrier.
The count down is on to my holiday. I cannot wait, I was not meant to live in this cold climate. The bad news is it looks like where I am going to be staying in England for the foreseeable future.
It has been a funny old day at the gallery. It would seem that I am open for visitors, there have been plenty but it has meant that I am now rushing to get my blog written before I close.
I have been doing all my gallery housekeeping today, I like to leave it nice and tidy for Shirley so that she doesn't have to do any of the boring choredom of cleaning.
I seriously am a little in love with window cleaning. It is very satisfying to do, I like it whether I would enjoy it when it's freezing and I'm on my 20th window I seriously doubt it. A lot of 'serious' in those last sentences. I have obviously been watching far too much american television. But I do love it, it's like totally awesome!
I have to finish sending my gallery christmas cards, I hate the whole handing them over bit. I like to do it under the cover of darkness when no-one is around. I have received plenty of thank yous and everyone comments on how neat my writing is. It's true I do have impossibly neat writing but it has taken years of practice. It also helps that I was a teacher for 15 years. Nothing hones your skills like writing on a whiteboard for groups of people to be able to read.
I've also been perfecting my signature for ever! When you have to sign 1,000,000 + EMAS every year that'll also do it. All you teachers know exactly what I mean. I may have exaggerated ever so slightly.
I just remembered a comment that one of my teachers said to me many moons ago. I am very good at making things look nice and was often guilty of 'style over content'. Probably still am on some levels.
I am putting my festive greeting in todays blog as I wanted to remember to do it.
Finally, I want you all to think about donating to a charity this Christmas. If you are reading this you are already many many times more privileged than many many people. Seriously* I am not preaching but that loose change in your pocket pop it in a collection pot. If you can do more then please do more. You know it makes sense.

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