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Monday, 28 November 2011

The Deadline Looms!

I am determined to get this written and posted on the same day! I have had an eventful morning there are so many fine tuning details that I need to do before each new exhibition. I would like to sit on my laurels and think that I have organized everything to the nth degree. The truth is that whilst I try to do this it quite difficult. The fact is that artists have a great knack of leaving everything to the absolute last minute. The hand in deadline for this show is 5pm today and there are still people who tell me they are coming but I am yet to see them.
I am just glad that I left myself plenty of time before the show has actually got to be up. I think that the selection process should be interesting.
I am currently working from three lists of things to do, that's how many pages it takes up any way. I am hoping to have whittled it down to one page by the end of today.
I have applied for the gallery to be on Trip Advisor as an attraction so as soon as I know whether or not it has been accepted then I will be asking all of you who regularly visit the gallery to write me a review please.
I am constantly looking for new places to promote the business so if you have any bright ideas feel free to share them with me.
So Tinted Grey finishes on Wednesday and the new show will be going up probably on Thursday or Friday. The girls are so happy about the great feedback that they have had from their first ever exhibition, they were buzzing when they left here on Saturday.
I will be working on my day off so that means that I might need to take some time to make sure that I have got everything in place for Saturdays Private View. Please do come if you can it should be good and don't forget there is plenty to do in the Purbecks next weekend so it will not be a wasted journey. From what I can gather if you fancy a free mince pie and a glass of mulled wine you are almost certainly going to find that on offer at approximately 4 different venues. Maybe you should get the bus. To quote a song 'I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can'.

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