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Monday, 21 November 2011

The Spilling.......Is Very Affected!

Mmm Nice Jumper

You absolutely cannot type when you are watching something with subtitles. Fact!! I have a growing admiration for all the Swedish/Danish thrillers that are on the BBC 4. They are really good, if you can get over the dodgy jumpers and generally unattractive lead characters they're great. I'm used to being able to multi task but subtitles do hinder the process somewhat.
I have been working really hard to get all my admin done. I'm not sure if it's a reflection of my efficiency. There seems to be so much more to do now than there ever was. I keep thinking that the more I get done the sooner I will be able to get on do something else like my own work perhaps.
I'm really not complaining as a year on I am now dotting all the i's and crossing the t's that I had not even realised I hadn't one. That and acting on the ton of good advice given to me by some very knowledgable and well respected artists. It's nice to know that I've got some great people behind me.
I have to apologise for my spelling mistake in the flyer I posted on Saturday. It's got something to do with the fact that what I really need is a proof reader. (An irony that I have to share with you, I am re-reading my blog which believe it or not, I do, do. That sentence was so grammatically incorrect I had to laugh maybe I should have left it as it would have beautifully illustrated my point)
If you fancy a job where there's no wages, no incentives but a great boss please feel free to apply.
Been another fairly busy day at the gallery so I'm glad I'm open. I am in a minority though I've had a walk around town today and have seen that many businesses are in fact closed. Oh the deliberation of which day to close. I may just have to follow the trend of the other business owners. I'll let you know.

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