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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Making Your Mind Up!

Hey Good Looking!

The Law of Sod dictates that the minute that you take an exhibition down someone wants to be something that was in it. Fact! It has managed to happen twice this week. my last show as 'Colour' and as I told you I had some great work in that show. So a lady came in on Tuesday and asked to see one of the paintings that was in that show. She was really interested in it. Yep, you've guessed it, that painting was no longer at the gallery.
Today I had a phone call from a guy who wanted to buy Keith's penguin. That's not as surreal as it sounds. It was a ceramic Emperor Penguin and it was really handsome. There had been plenty of interest in it during the show but no one actually bought it. I have now got to arrange to get said penguin back to Swanage so that I can sell it to the customer who wants it.
I am going install a decision maker device on the door. Once you have passed through the door of the gallery your ability to make decisions will improve x100%. If only!
One show comes down and inevitably another one must go up. so today I have been doing all of the minor repairs that are necessary in between exhibitions. I don't feel like I need to tell you what that entails as you all know the drill.
I will have a busy day tomorrow, but for today I will just indulge my OCD and get the studio and office in a state that they are ready to receive visitors because at the moment clutter is the name of the game. I also have a floor to scrub.
I'm off to get my hands wet!

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