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Tuesday, 1 November 2011


How About This For A Pumpkin Carving?

Hallowhat? I am not sure it was meant to happen but it did! I donned my face paint and went to a really good Halloween party on Saturday night. Multiple face wipes later, face paint is soooo difficult to shift, I figured that was Halloween done and dusted for another year. What I failed to realize was that it was in fact yesterday. I did not buy any tooth rotting sweets for the Trick or Treaters I was lucky not to get my car egged. Apparently having totally forgotten is not a valid excuse for not having sweets. I offered courgettes but they were politely declined. I hope that you all fared better than I did.
Today is a day for ultimatums, put your money where your mouth is scenarios. I have fired off emails and I am checking my mailbox every five minutes for responses. I am being proactive.
I'll let you all know how that works out for me.
I have just had to write another missive about the gallery, I will be really glad when I can pay someone to do this for me. It is just line after line of uber positivity and how incredibly great the gallery is. I am not denying that it is great because of course it is. It's about trying to word each one differently to make sure that I do not sound too repetitive.
Is anyone else struggling with the whole clock thing? I have a question. If you are supposed to eat before 7pm how does your body know the clocks have changed? I only ask this as I sat down to dinner yesterday in a room where I had forgotten to change the clock. Can you see where I'm coming from? Maybe it is just me but I really don't think so.
I am hoping to spend the afternoon drawing as I have been very swiftly working my way through my list of things to do.
What are you up to? Obviously reading this right now but what else?

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