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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Leave My Bank Account Alone!

Technically This Is Corfe, Close Enough

It's amazing what reading your bank statement can do for your health. I am not talking a positive effect here. There is nothing like having a big corporation milk your bank account for vast sums of money to get your heart beating and your palms sweating. Thanks for that BT. If I lived in America I am almost certain that I would have employed a legal eagle to sue them for cruel and unusual treatment. I have to say without a doubt that BT have caused the most upset to me both at home and at work over the past year. I have refrained from using all the far better acronyms that I have made BT stand for. Because I do not want to get in trouble for using bad language on my blog. I am going to sever my connection with them as soon as I possibly can as it is by far the most expensive contract out there at the moment.
Rant over.
I have had to prod artists into action as they have been promising me work for ages and it has been very slow in arriving at the gallery. To the point that I was worried that I wasn't going to have nearly enough to put on the next exhibition. What a disorganized bunch. Not all I hasten to add, some people were incredibly prompt and I am eternally grateful for their consistent reliability. Thank you.
So this show has entered its last day and I will be taking it all down tomorrow and I think that I may well get a free lunch out of it so that's all good.
A Taste of PAWF starts on Saturday and I have got all my mulled wine spices together so that I can serve up a tasty glass of this to all visitors. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Swanage is the place to be this weekend as there is so much going on and it is all free. It has the Christmassy vibe that all little towns get when the Christmas lights go up and there's Christmas trees in all the windows. I am going to put mine up on Thursday. I'm not sure where exactly but it'll be visible from the street.
I hope that whatever you are doing today you don't have to spend much time out in the gloom that is Tuesday in Swanage.
I am going to try and design a Christmas card this afternoon for the gallery. Wish me luck it will be my fifth attempt.

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