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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Do NOT Get Me Started!

If you know me you will know that I am a mellow laid back person. I am passionate about many things but mostly I am easy to deal with and I hope that all my customers/clients will agree.
Today I have had my buttons pressed and I have had at least two full on rants. As I am a professional I am going to keep you in the dark about who, how and why. Suffice to say my cool was lost. I do not bear grudges but I do have an elephantine memory and I am running a business.

I am always waxing lyrical about my fondness for lists today I am going to give you a 'Things Not To Do as A Gallery Owner Or A Human Being' list.

  1. Do not assume people that are smiling at you and agreeing with everything you say are actually being sincere.
  2. Do not get overly confident when up a step ladder because you know people are watching you. This will inevitably lead to a heart attack inducing wobble.
  3. Do not close the gallery for lunch just to get rid of people as they will notice you sneaking back within 10 minutes of you putting a sign up saying closed for an hour.
  4. Do not be too encouraging to anybody professing to be an artists. Draw your own conclusions as to why not.
  5. Do not give too much away for free as people will see it as the 'norm' and expect it every time.
  6. Do not rely on people being on time if you have a job to do for them. Expect them earlier and that way you'll always be ready.
  7. Do not give people false hope about their creative abilities. Remember the bad news, good news, bad news sandwich. There's a much coarser word for it, I'm being polite.
  8. Do not dismiss an 'out there' idea. If you don't ask you don't get and what's the worse that can happen?
  9. Do not admit to keeping dead things (not people) in the fridge. It freaks people out.
  10. Do not become a work bore when you work in a team of one. It is way too tedious.
That's enough for now. I have had the pleasure of meeting a new artist today, her name is Clarissa Galliano and you will be able to access her website via my website a bit later on today. Her work is great, right up my alley and I hope that her work will be selected to be exhibited at the PAW Christmas Exhibition. 

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