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Monday, 14 November 2011

I Am Just A Girl Who Can't Say No!

It's official I have written 339 blogs to date. All I can say is wow! I cannot quite believe it. I wonder just how many words that actually is? Well I've got a few choice ones for you right now! Purbeck Arts Weeks Festival Christmas Show. I told you that they were choice didn't I. More like a bloomin' mouthful. It is what is going to be on show at the gallery over the Christmas period. It should be good a great variety of work featuring both art and crafts.
Here's the advert I have put in the local paper. I like it because it's a bit moody and quite different from all of my other ads.
I am phone dodging today as I am just a girl who can't say no. It's that time of year again where I am being plagued by people trying to sell me things that I don't want who won't take 'I'll think about it' as an answer. I have to reconnect with my inner bitch. She's lurking somewhere just beneath the surface but I only like to call on her in the most extreme situations. I feel that time is fast approaching. I want these people to meet their sales targets and get their hard earned commission but if the choice is them or me. I'm afraid it's me every time.
The Tinted Grey exhibition had a very positive opening day/night with some excellent feedback by all that managed to come. I am very proud of what they put together and it's a really interesting and thought provoking exhibition. If you would like an opportunity to have a glass of wine and meet the artists they will be here on Saturday 26th November from 12.00 - 4.00. Please do come along and support them I promise you it will not be a wasted journey.

The gloomth of the day has well and truly settled over Swanage I am not sure today actually achieved 'daylight'. Maybe tomorrow. 

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