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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Jump In My Jaguar!

My Aspirational Car.......Not

The good news is that the Jaguar car group think I'm doing okay at the gallery. Why do I think this? Because I received a letter from them today asking me if I am interested in 'hassle - free' business motoring. It would only cost me £369 a month. You've got to laugh, well I did. I can't imagine spending that much money a month on a car. If I did I would have to hold all future exhibitions in it as I could no longer afford to keep the gallery on. Style over substance, I think not.
Well I had the pleasure of visiting the Bournemouth Art Club Exhibition at the Peacock Gallery at Upton Country Park. There was some really great work there. It was well worth the drive and the morning off from the gallery. I strongly recommend you visit. It's free and there's really something for everyone at the show.
I am playing catch up today as I have not been at the gallery. Just when I was starting to get worried about the fact that there were not enough people entering the Christmas Exhibition I have been inundated with entries.
It's going to be good, so if you have been reading the blog and thinking that you might like to get involved I am very nearly over subscribed get an application in quick. Just to help you out here's a link to the website to make it really easy.


I'm racking my brains to think about other gallery news and I think the truth is there really isn't any. So I'll just wish you a very happy Bonfire Night. Stay safe and enjoy any fireworks that you are lucky enough to see.

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