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Thursday, 3 November 2011

For Whom The Bell Tolls!

Look Pretty But Do They Work? In A Word...NO!

Oh the stress! I have had one of those days today. Jam packed with things sent to try you. I firstly received an invoice for twice of what I thought I owed and then my printer went into some never before seen meltdown which resulted in nearly two hours of fiddling and turning on and and back off again. I think the actual problem is my internet connection but I really do not think that today is the day to talk to Terry from Mumbai, as friendly and helpful as he may well turn out to be. I am far too tired to be bothered.
After a midnight bird rescue that didn't end too well for the bird my nights sleep was plagued by surreal dreams of the bird coming back to life. It didn't. I have to say I am a feline lover, but their predatory nature does upset me. If my cats had any more bells on they would be able to audition for 'Britain's Got Talent' as one cat bands. But still they keep catching the birds even though they are kept fed up to the whiskers they cannot resist the challenge of live prey. They all have E.L.S.S* which is unfortunate.
Gallery news, there are a few more bookings on the horizon that I am excited about that. Next year is looking quite promising already.
I have had my first enquiry in response to my new advert which is good.
If you are someone who watches 'Kirstys Handmade Britain' with relish and make your own arts and crafts items/objects, I need you!!!! Not just art and crafts vintage clothes, records anything you would hope to find at a good market. Food too if that's your thing.
I am hoping to help organize and indoor market before Christmas. If that's something you'd be interested in doing then you know what to do. Contact me at the gallery on 01929 425050.
It will only go ahead if we get enough takers so let me know.
I have to confess that I have now written as much as I think I can actually write without droning on. So I'll do us all a favour and stop right here!

*Evil Little S**t Syndrome.

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