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Friday, 25 November 2011

More Things To Do In Swanage This Weekend

The truth is that I wrote my blog and then promptly forgot to post it. So apologies about that. I have been busy with visitors to the gallery, no really I have. Some have been submitting their work for the Christmas Exhibition and others just popping in for a chat. It's always nice to see friends. Of course there have also been people coming in to see the work on show.
It would appear that people like it when I have a rant, it's been the most popular blog of recent weeks, I wonder if it is because you all know that I am a placid person so me getting riled is both novel and entertaining. I continue to quietly seethe but I am officially over the worst of it.
I had one of the most chilled out days off on Wednesday. I usually run around like a mad woman trying to cram in a ton of jobs in one day. Yesterday, I had lunch with the painter Jan Dagley and we plotted world domination. Just kidding we are teaming up to deliver master classes in Printmaking and Painting. I am very excited about this as this is exactly the kind of thing that I want to be involved with. I am in the process of researching various aspects and I know that Jan is too.
I'll give you all the details when I have them.
There's a show called 'Beginnings' starting at the new and improved Durlston Castle Gallery this weekend if you are in Swanage you should make sure that you take the nice walk (and it is a really nice walk) up there and go and have a look at the work on show and all the refurbishments. I'm going to pop along to the Private View this evening to support some friends of mine who are showing there.
What I would really love is if everyone who reads this blog could share it because I would really like to achieve 30,000 page views before the 1st Anniversary. I am only 400 off that amount. That figure astounds me, 30,000 that's crazy. But I am grateful for each and everyone even if it was generated by 'Sex, Sex and More Sex'.
I have to mention that there is second Private view for Tinted Grey tomorrow starting at 12.00 and ending at 4.00.
So please feel free to pop in.

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