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Friday, 4 November 2011

Just Call Me 'Super Sharon' or 'Not So Super Sharon' You Choose!

What I thought would be really great to do this morning would be to drive around town at least five times. No, really I did. Okay, so I might be lying. I don't know if there is something happening in Swanage that I do not know about but town was crazy hectic this morning. I was trying to park my car and at one point  I even contemplated driving it home and walking to work. It's not that far but it was raining. There were no spaces to be had anywhere. I found one eventually but was late for work.
I have got a couple of super powers that I would like to share with you all. In fact I have more than two, but I'm only sharing two with you today. The first one is my unbelievable ability to misread the dates on a calendar. Really, I have got this down to a fine art. If you get anything with a date on coming from me I strongly urge you to double check it against a calendar. If it's correct I'm obviously having a good day.
(Having just read what I've written I wonder if I might be being too hard on myself? I will readily confess to anyone who will listen that numbers are not my friends could this just be an extension of this?)
My second super power is even better. I can incorrectly label documents without even thinking about it and then attach them multiple times and send them to the wrong people.
I know you are sat there being envious of my talents. Don't be. I am such a perfectionist that these errors cause me actual physical pain. That might be down to me banging my head against the wall repeatedly when I realise that I have inadvertently used my super powers. I know I have mentioned my other super powers before but it would appear that with every year they are almost developing lives of their own.
Feel free to share your special powers with me. If you're sat there thinking that you don't have any I DO NOT believe you.
So the working title for the market on Saturday 10th December is 'Eclectic Market' as that is exactly what it is going to be. Tables are only £5 so if you are hoarding a stash of saleable goodies then now might the time to get them sold and make some much needed cash for Christmas.
I hope that you have made lots of fun plans for this weekend. I know I haven't as fully intend just to stay in and be really boring. My bank manager doesn't think I'm boring and that's all that matters.
Have a great one!

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