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Saturday, 3 December 2011

More Questions Than Answers!

Today finds me in a contemplative mood. Sometimes I think that it is a good thing but on the whole I'm not really a very good navel gazer. I have heard things today that I cannot quite believe but it has clarified everything for me. Can you tell the difference between good art and bad art? Is there such a thing? Or are there just different levels of expression? All art is good art, is that the case? If you follow this chain of thought through to fruition ALL art education is pointless. If you can create a piece of art then that is sufficient to qualify as valid, why learn how to improve your skills?
Every year the general public at large are left bewildered and confused by the Turner Prize. Relegated to Channel 4. It's not real art is it? Or is it? A bed, an empty room? What is real art? Something that is created to look like the original subject? Is that art or is it copying? Is the art better than the real thing? I don't know about you but I have some answers to these questions as I have spent the last 25 years learning and teaching art. Does that make me qualified to tell the difference between good art and bad art? I hope so, otherwise there are loads of my ex students who have been wrongly given excellent grades. I would hope that is not the case as I will have done art education a huge disservice. If I don't like a piece of art can I still judge whether it is good or bad? That is a resounding yes. Whilst I would not want it in my home I can appreciate the level of skill, the thought process behind the piece. To dislike a piece of work is a valid response to that piece of work. Therefore it has worked. Should all art be aesthetically pleasing? Should it look 'nice'? Do Francis Bacons pictures look nice? Is he a good artist?
Opening an art gallery would also have been a big mistake. I would love this to be an open debate as I would like to hear how people perceive it.

Francis Bacon

I have reflected, now I can move on to gallery related news. I am all ready to host the private view later on today and I hope that it is big success. I have been reading the mulled wine recipe several times just to make sure that I get it right. Never made it before. I am really looking forward to my day off tomorrow as I have worked 6 days this week and I am a little tired.
I have just counted how many questions I have asked and not answered. Impressive. I have been telling you all week about all the things that are happening in Swanage this weekend so I hope that you will make the effort to visit.

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  1. I believe there is good and bad art but everyone has a different set of criteria to make a judgement, it depends where your coming from nah wat I mean..