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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Desko Inferno

I have realized that of late the sensible me has been writing my blog. This is all well and good but there is a need for fun and humour in everybody's day. Especially mine, so I have to make sure that from time to time I lighten things up a bit.
It was another busy at the gallery yesterday. Plenty of people through the door. This show is is being very well received which I am very glad about.
I have been scarily efficient over the past two days. I say 'scarily' as I know better than to get used to it. My regular readers know that I am very organised but me exceeding my normal levels is a sight to behold.
I have been working on perfecting my desk dancing. No, I am not standing on my desk. I am not that supple. It involves dancing from the waist up. The music has to be right as well as an empty gallery. I don't want people thinking that I have lost the very few marbles I've got left in my possession. The music that is working for me today is some soulful R&B.

Some of you have been interested in coming to the studio and doing some workshops. I have the most interest in Printmaking so here are some dates that I intend to run some workshops on.

Saturday 18th June
Saturday 9th July
Saturday 16th July

You can contact me via the website or comment on this blog.

If you ever want something to trample on your good mood. Try writing your blog and going to post it and the whole thing disappearing. I am now writing this on my iPad as the stupid computer won't let me open my blog properly. I say stupid computer but the truth is more likely to be my stupid blog won't open properly. Don't diss the Mac as it will find cruel and unusual ways to pay you back!

No picture today as iPad doesn't support that. Come on, sort it out.

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