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Saturday, 7 May 2011

With A Little Bit Of Cluck We Can Make It Through The Night!

It's time to reveal my geeky/guilty pleasure number two but I'm thinking that I might just save it for when I am struggling for something to write.
As I have just spent the last five minutes staring into space it would appear that time may well be now.
I have had another productive day at the gallery it would seem like I have hired the gallery space out for two weeks in October which is great. If ceramics are your thing you should definitely watch this space as I will be giving you all the details via my blog.
I have spent the best part of the day working on a pencil drawing that I think is going to take me as long as the other two that I did. I am planning to exhibit them as a triptych in the Abstract Open Exhibition. It is a big departure from my usual work but I am really enjoying the discipline of 'proper' drawing. I showed some friends my prints today that I forgot to mention that I did yesterday they made encouraging comments and I am hoping to start working on a whole new set of prints very soon.
I had to tell my friends about my imaginary business partner and they all thought it was hilarious but you just wait until I tell them about all my office friends........
With every wedding comes the inevitable Hen Do and what does a Hen do? Clucks apparently! I have the pleasure of dressing in pink(of which I own very little) and playing the dubious game pin the something on a someone. I have to leave work to go home and prepare some Tapas style dishes and then get pinked up. It should be a lot of fun. I'm just glad that tomorrow is my official day of rest.
I hope that you have all had a great Saturday, and have something lovely planned for this evening.

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  1. PINK.....You need Pink......Pink.....!
    I have everything in PINK.....Front door,back door, windows, bathroom, bedroom.....Woooo! Steady Willie......! Cloths.....God! Where to start......! If it ain't PINK.....! :0).
    Hen Do.....AND...Yes...I've been to a few....To hell with the stage do's. It's always full of blokes.....Have Fun....Think...Pink...! :).Oh! Hens lay eggs toooooo!