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Friday, 20 May 2011

A Frayed Not!

You know that I am no stranger to sweating and swearing and why should today be any different. I arrived at the gallery early as I wanted to get the last picture up that I had to paint the frame of yesterday. To my absolute horror I saw that the picture that was by far the most difficult to hang had managed to fall down again. It just does not want to stay on the wall. It eats through picture wire, nylon string and my nerves. Frayed is an understatement, it took three of us nearly an hour to finally get it up which is where I hope it will stay. I had to buy reinforced fishing wire in the end to ensure the thing stays put. As a consequence of this I have been unable to open today as I have had a picture down. Which is rubbish.
I am now a little concerned that the other pictures may be planning a similar mutiny. I am absolutely not prepared for that to happen.
I have another major mission to keep me occupied this afternoon, I have to transport Andrews huge pictures back to Mudeford. Oh joy!! I am very lucky that my friend Alan has very kindly offered to help me as I would not have a hope of getting a 7ft picture in my Mini.
Off to Rollington Barn later for the opening event for Purbeck Art Weeks. I have lots of spare tickets should you want to go let me know.
After a hearty lunch of Quavers I am ready for anything, well nearly anything.
I will definitely be open tomorrow so if you're planning a visit to Swanage make sure you look in and say hi.
The bewitching hour of moving pictures o'clock is upon me. So I hope that you all have a great Friday night. Remember weekends are precious. Spend it wisely!

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