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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Open All Hours

Jim Hunter
Well, that's a first. Ever since I have been writing my blog there has been one particular blog that has surpassed all others in terms of page views. I am sure that any of you that are regular readers already know which one I am talking about. Sex, sex and more sex. So I started writing this blog at the beginning of September and that has topped my page view chart until today! It has slipped down to number 5. I hope that means people are not continually Googling the word sex and have found better things to do with their time. I live in hope but I am quite willing to bet that over the bank holiday weekend that it will make it back up the to the top.
As much as I love cleaning and I do love cleaning there are times that the repetitive nature nature of cleaning my home and then coming to work and cleaning my business is downright depressing!
I am hoping for a steady flow of people through the door today as people do the PAW tour. I am envious of their time.
I have Jims' Private View tonight and it should be a good evening. I have polished the glasses and swept the floor. So I'm as ready as I'll ever be.
A quick reminder about the Abstract Open, the Private View is going to be on Saturday 11th June so please make a note in your diaries and I hope that you can make it. Hand in deadline will be Tuesday 7th June.
Also another plug for Purbeck Art Weeks, the weather isn't looking too favourable so why not jump in the car and get the PAW brochure and get your fill of art, film and culture for free. I'm serious, there is so much vibrant art work out there that you can access for free and regardless of what the weather is doing.
I am going to do something constructive now and try not to be too envious of those of you who are enjoying a well earned day off.
I am opening on Sunday from 12.00 - 4.00 and the same on Monday.

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