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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I'm Absolutely Hanging Today!

The gallery has been denuded and is now awaiting it's fresh adornment. It is a little strange when you walk in and there is nothing at all on the walls. It looks huge. I am getting my blog written nice and early today as I will be busy later making sure that the work's well hung! I know, forgive my total immaturity.
I have got so much interest in workshops now that I am going to start booking people in.
They have to happen on a Saturday as that seems to be the most convenient day for everybody. I am going to be posting dates tomorrow so if you are interested or have already told me you would like to come please read tomorrow. I know it's officially my day off but I am going wade through a pile of admin which I have been successfully ignoring for the last week. I should also mention that I have quite a few busy Saturdays coming up what with Private Views etc.
There are a few people who read this who have mentioned submitting work for the Abstract Open show. Just remember that's just a few weeks away now. So pop them into the gallery when you get a minute.

Is there ever a good time to answer the question ' Do you think you could put my work in your gallery?'. I can tell you the quick answer but as I've mentioned before I hate to upset people and I would hate to discourage people from producing art even more. But.....and I'm afraid it is a big but I have to be honest and positive. Positive being the key word. There are definitely days when that is easier than others, especially depending on my split second reading of the person who is showing me the work. Artists, we are a sensitive bunch and that plays on my mind when dealing with people. Unfortunately though, rejection is still rejection. The worse thing about the whole experience is that my inner teacher is still lurking just below the surface. I want to tell them how to improve their work, the value of keeping a sketchbook and the importance of drawing. Do you think that is what they want to hear? Nope. They quite often ask me what qualifications I have and at this point I know I have over stepped the mark. Ooops!! I am hoping that I don't look old enough to have been an art lecturer for 15 years and that's the reason for the question.
Anyway, hanging is imminent so moustache!

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